A little bit about us...

IFL Design was formed in 2000 by Interior Architect Rodney Clift


Rodney started his successful career in Los Angeles over 20 years ago, before moving onto Sydney and then London where his love of design evolved into Lighting & Furniture Design.


This progression into Lighting Design was one of the most natural moves in his career, as Rodney feels that subtle and detailed lighting is what pulls together 

every space.


It was also during those early years in London that he was often left struggling to find that perfect piece of furniture to finish off a space, and that lead him to sourcing and working with some brilliant young furniture makers so they could design those on-off bespoke pieces that perfectly fit a space and a client can call their own.



With IFL Design expanding, the need for a partner arose. This is when we joined forces with Designer Brett Earle


Joining us over 10 years ago, together we have formed a very rewarding and successful partnership.


Brett has spent his entire career in design and fashion. He specialises in soft furnishings and styling, ensuring your home or office is that perfect space that suits 'you'


Constantly monitoring the latest trends in design, Brett works with these and you to create that perfect fusion between style and personality


At IFL Design we understand that it is those little touches at the end of a project that make the space 'your' space


The Partners